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Welcome to Bigwin Island Condos

During this COVID- 19 pandemic, we ask all owners and their guests to respect and be aware of the restrictions imposed on us from the Ontario Government including social distancing and wearing masks on our ferry. Direct questions to [email protected]

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Bigwin Island Activities

Island Activities
Water Sports
Tubing, wake-boarding, swimming, boating, skiing, paddling, sailing and more.
Island Activities2
Vibrant community with dock parties, socials and organized events.
Island Activities3
Land Sports
Tennis (newly resurfaced), Beach Volleyball, Tournaments and world-class Golf (With club membership)
Island Activities4
Shared patio’s, docks and BBQ decks to enjoy and mingle.
How to get here

Bigwin island is only accessible by water or air. Boat trips are available for owners and thier guests only, from the Bigwin Condo Corporation #1 at Norway Point.

Just a 5 minute boat trip to the mainland and 15 minutes to Dorset.

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