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General Information: Real Estate Agents and Prospective Buyers

1. Please read all the MCC1 rules to familiarize yourself with them. Being an island property we have unique challenges and guidelines to make it enjoyable for use as our recreational property.
2. Bigwin condos are accessible to owners for the majority of the year, outside of the freeze up period (late fall, early winter) and thaw (late winter, early spring).  These time frames are not predictable and vary by each year.  There is no way to get on or off the island during the freeze or thaw period.
3. Ferry access is provided by water ferry for most of the year (generally May to November) and there is snowmobile "ferry" service in winter.  Ferry service by boat is available through our online scheduler 6 days a week from Victoria Day to Labour Day (no Wednesday ferry service). Ferry service by water or both is otherwise available 5 days a week (Thursday to Tuesday)
4. MCC1 is NOT associated with the golf course. Bigwin Golf Club is a private club and MCC1 owners are NOT allowed to use any of their facilities (dining room, grounds etc) and are not allowed to walk any part of the golf course. MCC1 owners must stay on our approximately 20 acre property.
5. There are limited (billable) marine services for the following items (space is not guaranteed and is not transferable from previous owner).

5.1 watercraft seasonal docking - maximum boat size 23’ including engine props (currently $27 per foot), jet skis, small sailing craft. May to October - vessels must be removed by end of Thanksgiving weekend
5.2 snowmobile storage (summer) - currently full
5.3 jet ski storage (winter) - currently full
5.4 indoor storage for kayaks/canoes/SUP (annual)
5.5 Note: marina slips are generally allocated annually. Owners are allocated their first slip if they have had one the prior year, second slips are then allocated (i.e. You are not guaranteed a second slip even if you had one a prior season, owners requiring a first slip will have priority), and finally renters are allocated last (rental slips are currently $54/foot)
6. Rentals: AirBnB/Vrbo is NOT permitted. A minimum rental period is two weeks and a rental form is required for all rentals.
7. Pets: Owners are permitted their own pets on the island. No pets are allowed for guests or renters (no exceptions except registered service dogs). All owner pets must be leashed at all times outside of their unit. Owner pets that are unpredictable or a nuisance will have further restrictions, up to and including being not allowed on MCC1 property.
8. Superintendents: Our staff are available for ferry service and maintain our property. Ferry service include bringing luggage from your car to the ferry (at Norway Point), and from the ferry to the entrance closest to your unit (on the island). Owners are expected to load and unload luggage onto or off of the ferry and to their individual units.  Superintendents do not provide further service to the 70+ owners as it would be overwhelming!
9. Large item transportation: MCC1 can also do smaller item runs ($50 per trip) on our Stanley landing craft and on our gator trailer. However, you will be required to provide the manpower (our staff will only provide the transportation). This is available Mon, Tue, Thurs, Saturday during the busy season and Mon, Thurs, Saturday, during the off season.
11. Move In/Out: More major move in or outs may be done Mon, Tue, Thurs during the busy season and Mon, Thurs, Fri during the off season, OR Mon-Thurs (excluding long weekends) on the golf course barge during the busy season and Mon-Fri (excluding long weekends) on the golf course barge during the off season.
12. Renovations: There is a renovation policy that must be followed (MCC1 approvals, licensed trades, permits, etc) and may only be complete after labour day and before May 24 weekend with other details that may be confirmed by reviewing the policy document.

Real Estate Agent Notes

1. Listing Agents
1.1 Meetings with seller, appraiser visits are no charge for the ferry runs and may be booked online by the single service provider (no buyers)
2. Prospective Buyer Showings:
2.1 Ferry runs are to be booked through Arend van Eck. Please send an email to [email protected] at least 24 hrs in advance. There is no ferry service currently on Wednesdays.
2.2 There is a $25 fee due in advance to [email protected] (on scheduled ferry runs). If one schedule ferry run is selected and a special run is requested, a $50 fee is due in advance to [email protected].
2.3 The ferry run fees apply to both buying and listing agents.
3. Boat slips - boat slips are not guaranteed and there is limited availability. If the Seller has a slip (or not) you may make an offer conditional on obtaining a boat slip and the Board can respond within 72 hrs. 
4. Status Certificates: Send requests for status certificates to [email protected] and, while we legally have 10 business days to respond, we try our best to provide it sooner than that but please make sure to give us as much notice as possible.
5. If you would like to post a link to our condo website, please send a note to [email protected] and we can facilitate that