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Muskoka Condominium Number 1

The MCC#1 was formed in December, 1969 after an auction sale of the apartments in one of the buildings. Many people purchased their units at auction in the hopes of making a sound business investment. There were few families that availed themselves of the amenities (swimming, boating, tennis etc.) however those families enjoyed Bigwin to the fullest. A tradition was born when a tennis tournament was established for the September long week-end. Various activities were held during the summer that included swim meets, children’s activities, fireworks on the July and August long week-ends, sing along’s, and parties on the veranda of the old buildings.

Many owners also enjoy the winter months on Bigwin and bring their families and friends to experience a Canadian winter by skidoo-ing, ice fishing, skiing and skating. It’s just as busy in  Dorset in the winter as it is in the summer.

Over the years, the building has fundamentally remained the same however some changes were inevitable. The docks have been refurbished and barbecue huts have been built. Both areas are centres where owners meet and enjoy each other’s company while soaking up the sun or preparing dinner.
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